Have you got a hernia that is bothering you? 


Don't delay, get it fixed by a specialist.



Mr H S Khaira has been treating hernias for more than 15 years and has extensive expertise in the field, including the use of 'keyhole' surgery.

Mr H S Khaira  BMBCh (Oxon.), MD, FRCS

Hernias can be painful and lead to problems if left untreated. If you have a hernia, get it looked at and discuss treatment options with a specialist. Mr HS Khaira is experienced in both open and 'keyhole' surgery.


Choose a clinic close to you and book an appointment to see him.

  • Thorough assessment

  • Open and 'keyhole' surgery

  • General or local anaesthetic

  • ​Inguinal hernia

  • ​Femoral hernia

  • ​Umbilical hernia

  • ​Incisional hernia

  • ​Epigastric hernia​